Working for a non-profit organization

  • Client – Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota 

Since I am not very familiar with LSS’ services and history, I often have to remind myself about their outreach across the state and what they strive to accomplish. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) is a large non-profit organization that provides services to youth experiencing challenges in their lives, people with disabilities, and older adults who may benefit from extra assistance. LSS serves in all of Minnesota’s counties, and it is one of the largest Minnesota statewide human service organizations in Minnesota.

  • Purpose – Host Homes for Youth

The purpose of my group’s project is to attract people into becoming a host home provider for youth by creating online content for LSS’ website. Host homes are temporary, safe places for people to stay who may be going through a difficult time in their life. Although this may sound simple, my group and I have had trouble sorting out the wide array of services LSS’ offers, especially since we were initially given very little detail about host homes for youth.

  • Audience – Active community member

From looking at profiles of people who have already become host home providers on the LSS website and from interviews the with current host home providers, I am able to understand the likely audience, but I think there is definitely more information that should be acquired. My group had trouble getting a lot of information, if any, from the interviews, so we ended up using a lot from the one interview I conducted. However, based on the current information from online and the interviews, I can say the likely audience is someone who desires giving back to the community, who has connections with human service programs, and who is between the ages of 35 to 65. To be safe, I think it should be assumed that the target audience is not completely web literate because this approach may help include everyone, no matter their web literacy. A web design that is simple but also professional-looking seems like the best way to go.

  • Brand and Messaging Guide – Style Matters

I have found the brand and messaging guide from LSS really useful as I have started creating potential content for host homes for youth. For example, instead of saying “homeless youth” it is preferred to say, “youth experiencing homelessness.” I have used style guides for assignments in different classes, but I like how I am working with a real client, using their guide as a model.

  • Personal Progress – Strengths

I think my strengths in this group project so far have been organization, communication, and editing. Since early high school, I’ve always been one to organize notes and information because it helps me become familiar with the material as well as to see what I may be missing. I consider myself an introvert, so reaching out to people can be difficult for me, but since entering college, I’ve realized the heavy role communication plays in school, work, and personal relationships, so I do my best to get out of my comfort zone and try to make sure everyone is on the same page. In terms of editing, I enjoy making suggestions and corrections that improve the message to the reader and suits a certain style guide, so I don’t mind copy-editing and proofing work.

It’s been tough organizing the LSS information and communicating with everyone involved with this project, especially with the relatively short time frame we have been given. However, I am happy to see some of the work fitting together, and my goal is to just provide LSS with useful suggestions and models for them to continue improving and referring to in the long-term.



  1. Beyond the great content of this post, I really enjoyed how you set it up with the bullets and small paragraphs. It was really easy to read! You are doing wonderful work and helpful at keeping everything on track.

    Thanks for all you have done!


  2. Organization is such an important skill to have. Thats great that you’re able to bring that to the group. This is a project that requires extreme organization, just like you said, between keeping all of the communication and information straight. It sounds like you’ve got a good handle on it though 🙂 I’m sure your skills will become even more valuable as we get more information from LSS.


  3. Christina,
    You definitely have your work cut out for you for this project. I am happy to see your group making good progress. I know I have changed so much since in the time I’ve been here at the University.
    Its amazing to feel the confidence gained with a job well done in our courses! It’s going to suck when we get into the corporate world and the projects last much longer than 16 weeks!

    Lets enjoy it while we can 😉


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