Code editing thoughts

This week’s post may be shorter than the previous ones because I haven’t had much opportunity to dig into the code of my blog. WordPress may allow more control if you pay for the premium upgrade. Hannah’s recent blog post nicely discusses in more detail about this caveat. For the purposes of this short-term blog (at least I think it will be), I don’t plan to pay the fee. Perhaps I will upgrade sometime in the future with a new blog.

If I were to change my current blog, I would definitely want to move my widget items from the right side to the left side, since that seems to be the norm in most websites. I like staying consistent, if possible. I would also probably try to make the header circle bigger so my photo under the word, “Connecting, Creating, Changing” could be bigger. It would also be awesome to have my posts in more of a grid formation than stacked on top of each other, so it would be easier to display the collection of posts.

In any case, I plan to work more with code when I find the time. My progress has been small because of being so busy, but even if I don’t find the time until winter break, I hope to feel more comfortable with coding terms and design before I graduate, even if I don’t become an expert.

I will probably rely on Codecademy’s free tutorials because their style is really interactive and visually captivating. I may also take advantage of w3schools because their lessons are really simple, but I feel it may be too easy to just copy and paste their information and not actually learn it. Lastly, I think I’ll keep Khan Academy on hold as a great resource to use if needed, but for now, there’s way too much information going on since “you can learn anything you want.” If I want to just focus on coding, I feel better using a site that just focuses on coding.



  1. Good reference to Hannah’s blog posting, to how you would like to revise your blog, and to your plans for the future. Re: w3schools, a great deal can certainly be learned from copying and pasting.
    In my case, I’ve learned from using Sigil (open source ebook creation) and toggling back and forth to continue to examine the code created. This, together with TextWrangler, has helped me to create ebooks.
    I mention this as, given your current thesis project, have you considered creating an ebook of your thesis?


  2. Hey Christina!

    I enjoyed reading your thoughtful reaction to hand coding. I agree that it would be awesome if sites such as Wix and WordPress allowed us to code for free (or at all in my case). It allows the creator to have more freedom. Like you, I think it would be awesome to have a more grid-layout blog, but our sites limit us in those areas. I think you have some great points and I will definitely be like you and use those coding resources you mentioned to ensure I have a better grasp on how to code by graduation. Well done!

    See you soon,


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