Toughest post to date: Uploading a video tutorial for oTranscribe

oTranscribe is

  • useful for transcribing audio and video
  • easy to navigate and learn
  • convenient for research
  • available for everyone

Check out my  tutorial of oTranscribe below:


For class, we were supposed to create a video demonstrating an online writing technology, so I chose to present oTranscribe because I was recently referred to the site during my internship at the University of Minnesota Press. oTranscribe offers a private space to transcribe efficiently by mainly using keyboard shortcuts, and it also provides an easy way to timestamp and export information. I thought that others who haven’t heard about this transcribing tool might find this blog post and tutorial useful for future assignments or work-related projects. oTranscribe is a great tool to keep in mind while researching and also while considering audiences who may need a transcript for audio and video.

Assignment Reflection

The Bad:  I really hope others didn’t have as much as a challenge as I did with this video tutorial! The most difficult component was the audio. My microphone isn’t the best quality on my laptop, so I tried using my phone recorder instead. Well, after recording from my phone, the files didn’t sync nicely, so I spent a good chunk of time trying to connect the video and audio by converting files, uploading to different sites, etc. In the end, the result was me re-doing Screencast-O-Matic by playing the already finished video file while my laptop recorded the audio from my phone–in sum, bad audio quality happened no matter what I tried. Today I learned (TIL), one should always have a good quality microphone before recording audio or you’re gonna have a bad time.

[Update: I was able to upload a better audio quality video, which is now above. Click here to see the bad audio quality.]

The Good: What good that came out of this experience is that I was reminded about how mindful one must be while creating media, especially video. When something includes images, audio, and motion, it’s a lot of work to get all of that to sync together, and that’s not even including how important it is to be mindful of content, purpose, and audience. Another positive from this assignment was just learning how to use Screencast-O-Matic. I can see this tool being useful in many ways, and it is interesting to think this may be a link to how conversations in Web 2.0 will evolve.



  1. Hi Christina!

    I think that your video is overall really successful. The technology you are presenting on seems to be one you are passionate about and one that you know a great deal of information on! I like that your video was very similar to your presentation in the class today. It is awesome that this technology allows you to save the document to your drive, as well as speed up/slow down the voice. I think that your video does a great job of telling me what oTranscribe is and how I can use it!

    See you soon,


  2. Christina, I’m guessing we both are chalking it up to a learning experience! If misery loves company, know that I had an equally difficult time. Way to persevere! I was so happy to find out about this tool. There are times when this is just the right program to speed work along. Nice job!


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