It’s a new day, it’s a new blog


Welcome to my new blog! I would love to give you a personal tour, but you’re on that side of the web and, well, who knows what I am even up to while you’re reading this. However, I do encourage you to go ahead and navigate this page at your own leisure. There’s not much going on right now, anyway. But, perhaps that’s one of the most exciting things–this is the beginning.


WordPress is a great platform for beginners as well as more experienced bloggers. I chose to use WordPress because it seems more friendly and flexible in terms of what I can post. For example, Tumblr seems more suited for blogs centering around images and short messages, but with WordPress, I can submit text, images, and video in an aesthetically pleasing and organized form. Another reason I chose this platform is because I am already somewhat familiar with it through my first blog, adoptedfromchina.

Since I don’t consider myself an “experienced” blogger, I hope by continuing to use WordPress, my skills will gradually improve. I think if I tried a new platform, I would have to re-learn a lot of the fundamental blogging features, which isn’t what I am looking for at this time.

WordPress is . . .

  • Friendly
  • Flexible
  • Fundamental
  • Convenient


Let’s be honest: I chose a free template instead of making my own, but I didn’t just randomly pick a design. First, I browsed through the designs, seeing if any of them appealed to my own tastes. When I came across something I liked, I previewed the design and wondered if it “fit” my purpose of creating material mostly for class, Writing with Digital Technologies.

A “fitting” design has . . .

  • a simple format
  • a few accent colors
  • a calming feeling
  • a place to easily read posts
  • a place to comment

When I came across the Flounder template, it seemed like it could express my purpose and my style. The posts are in a brighter color, which helps readers find the best part of the site, the content, and the structure is nice since readers first see the most recent post. The widget options  on the side are also a nice feature, which I hope to improve in the future. What’s really great is that I can always change the template later on.


As mentioned earlier, I hope to improve my WordPress blogging skills. I think one way to do this is to become more familiar with coding. Ideally, I would have made my own blog from scratch, but I’m only a beginner, and I don’t have the time or commitment right now to make a satisfactory blog. However, I have dipped a little into coding by using the free website codecademy, which makes it really easy to learn some of the basics.

In the end, I’m mostly excited to look back on this post when I am done with the semester and when I graduate in May because I am sure my perspective and general knowledge of digital technologies, blogging, media, writing, and designing will have flourished.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Excellent blog. Thank you for the detail on your decision making. As you consider Porter’s article for this week, “Recovering Delivery for Digital Rhetoric,” how does this form of delivery (blog) change knowledge itself, change our categories of thought, our systemic classifications, our ways of thinking about writing? I look forward to learning more about your coding work.
    See you Tuesday in class,


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